Retreading for Endurance

A partnership between Leader Rubber Company and Nynas has successfully addressed challenges related to developing high-performance retreaded tyres for the enduro off-road market.

Case story

Leader rubber company

  • CHALLENGE: Retreading tyres that meet the high demands of enduro motorcycling.
  • SOLUTION: Collaboration with Nynas' technical team, using naphthenic tyre oils.
  • RESULT: Two top-performing tyres that have been well-received in the market.

Nynas ReSolution

Nynas ReSolution is a collection of products and solutions that can help Nynas clients achieve sustainable performance in different ways. The collaboration between Nynas and Leader Rubber Company is a good example of how the ReSolution framework is put into practice. Not only does making high-performance retreaded tyres contribute to circularity (Recirculate), but a low PAH tyre oil alternative lowers the level of harmful chemical in the materials (Reduce).

Retreading is a remanufacturing process that replaces the tread on worn tyres, saving costs and significantly reducing material use and environmental impact compared to manufacturing new tyres. For over 55 years, the Johannesburg-based Leader Rubber Company has supplied and manufactured precure tread and consumables required for the retreading process. Their primary customer groups are trucking companies and retreaders in southern Africa.

“The family is central to all aspects of South Africa's economy, from the multinationals to the corner café. Being a family business, we have always had an appreciation for the challenges of the retreaders, most of which are family concerns,” says Brett Sproson, Managing Director of Leader Rubber Company.

That relationship is the foundation of a service aimed at providing the most efficient solutions for the tyre requirements of transporters operating in South Africa.

“We now supply a complete range of materials and equipment to the retreading industry. We also offer a turnkey operation for new retread plants, which have been installed throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East.”

The company's broad range of services include technical support, on-the-job training, plant layouts, machine servicing, breakdown support, and end-user sales support. It also provides software packages to assist customers with stock control, factory production, and product performance analysis.

A subsidiary of Marangoni Germany, Leader manufactures the premium Ringtread product in South Africa, highly regarded in the local market and sold exclusively by Ringtread dealers.

“In addition to our two brands of flat precure treads, we supply bonding gum, rope rubber, and all necessary retread consumables,” notes Brett Sproson. Leader Rubber Company's collaboration with Nynas originated from a unique problem they encountered.

“We developed a 'hot' retread for the enduro off-road motorcycle market, which presented a challenge outside our usual scope of business. In collaboration with David Barnett, our Nynas account manager and an avid rider himself, we started discussions with technical staff at Nynas, including Carlo Silvestri and Dr. Kamyar Alavi from the technology team for tyre applications in Europe,” says Brett Sproson.

The partnership was a great success, resulting in the development of a purpose-fit compound while at the same time transitioning from Distilled Aromatic Extract (DAE) to NYTEX® 4700, Nynas’s most well-known and recognised tyre oil.

“We produced two high-performing tyres – a mid-soft and gummy variant – that have been well-received in the market. In addition to providing us with their specialised oils, Nynas worked closely with our team to achieve the desired performance characteristics.”

Besides meeting Leader’s requirements, the shift to a naphthenic tyre oil also ensured compliance with EU's REACH regulations, safeguarding both human health and the environment.

“Nynas has a firm commitment to sustainability as well as a strong dedication to assisting our clients. This project is a good example of that holistic approach,” says David Barnett, Nynas General Manager for Sub Saharan Africa.

Buoyed by the success, the two companies are now embarking on a precure tread development stage to reach new performance and sustainability goals using Nynas tyre oils.

“Nynas has proven to be a professional company and a reliable supplier of premium products at competitive pricing. Their team has shown a genuine interest in our success and has been a pleasure to work with,” concludes Brett Sproson.

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