95 years and still going strong

After nearly a century in the market, Nynas is actively developing new, forward-looking, customer-centric solutions to contribute to performance and sustainable development. The distinctive entrepreneurial spirit that characterised the company's founders continues unabated.

When the S/S British Earl arrived on a chilly October day in 1928 with its first load of crude oil to the refinery in Nynäshamn, a bit south of Stockholm, no one could have guessed that the newly established venture would have evolved into a leading international company almost a century later.

In today’s fast-moving world, businesses must be flexible and adaptable to meet the ever-evolving demands, from climate adaptation to geopolitical tensions. Research has shown that companies with a long history often emerge stronger from challenging times compared to relatively young companies.

This is particularly true for Nynas. Throughout its 95 years long history, the company’s operations have been characterised by innovation and novel thinking. This have contributed to the success of our customers and society as a whole, and allowed us to successfully navigate a world war, technological transitions, financial crises, sanctions and a pandemic.

In recent years, sustainability has been a priority in both investment decisions and daily operations at all levels within the company. With a new strategy, significant steps have been taken towards the long-term goal of reducing emissions by 2030 and becoming fully climate neutral by 2050. Efforts span a wide range, including the launch of bio-based and re-refined specialty products.

Major technological leaps

Since the opening of the Nynäshamn refinery in 1928, it has played an important role in the development of the country's modern infrastructure and industry.

Initially, Nynas produced petrol, kerosene, fuel oils, and asphalt. The investment in a new fuel manufacturing facility meant that by the late 1950s, Nynäshamn was one of Europe's most advanced refineries. This laid the foundation for a nationwide network of petrol stations that operated until 1981.

The development of today's highly specialised production began in the 1980s, marking a significant technological transition from traditional refining by extraction to hydrogenation. Simultaneously, investments were made to reduce carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions from the facilities.

As Nynas celebrates its 95th year, there's no doubt that the combination of profound technical experience and a deep understanding of customers' needs has contributed significantly to the overall societal development, while also offering unique opportunities to effectively meet the challenges of the future.


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