Thumbs-up for bio-based transformer liquid

Rigorously tested and approved for use in market-leading Buchholz relays, Nynas’ NYTRO® BIO 300X transformer liquid offers a more sustainable cooling solution.

Following a long and comprehensive evaluation programme, Elektromotoren und Gerätebau Barleben (EMB), the market-leading German manufacturer of Buchholz relays, has approved the use of Nynas’ new bio-based transformer fluid NYTRO® BIO 300X in the company’s products. This renewable and biodegradable transformer liquid has been shown to work safely and correctly at all temperatures with the full range of designs and sizes of Buchholz relays.

“NYTRO BIO 300X passed stringent testing, including buoyancy tests and flow actuation tests in the applicable temperature range,” explains René Abrahams, Technical Manager Electrical Industry at Nynas.

With a performance equal to that of the reference liquids used in the study, Nynas’ bio-based liquid offers further advantages to the electrical industry. Its ultra-low viscosity provides superior heat transfer, resulting in a more efficient cooling of power transformers.

“EMB is always very thorough in their evaluations, which we are grateful for, as it means that all our customers can be 100 percent sure that there are no issues with using our bio-based cooling liquid in their transformer accessories,” comments René Abrahams.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of protection and monitoring solutions for liquid cooled transformers, it is of course imperative to EMB to remain at the forefront of technical innovation. EMB’s certification of Nynas’ NYTRO BIO 300X contributes to the introduction of a more sustainable insulating liquid in the electrical industry.

Nynas offers the widest range of transformer liquids in the market, developed to handle just about every conceivable climate, design and operating conditions. As the world’s leading supplier of transformer liquids, Nynas invests heavily in R&D to produce new grades and refine existing ones. NYTRO BIO 300X is the result of such development work by the company’s specialists. The bio-based and biodegradable transformer liquid is also super stable and meets all industry standards.

“Transformer customers the world over can now confidently order Nynas’ NYTRO BIO 300X transformer liquid together with EMB Buchholz relays for use in their systems, and rest assured that our more sustainable liquid will perform just as well as any alternative cooling liquid,” says René Abrahams.

Nynas works closely with co-suppliers to ensure that new insulating liquids are evaluated to help optimise the use of alternative new, sustainable solutions.


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