Nynas experts lecture at KTH

Nynas traditionally maintains a close partnership with universities and higher education institutions. An illustrative example of this is the lecture on the oil industry held for students at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Frequent contacts and joint projects with the academic world ensure that Nynas employees stay updated on the latest in research. The collaboration is also an important component in generating student interest in Nynas' operations.

A three-hour lecture covering the Swedish petroleum industry and its history is an integral part of the chemical engineering program at KTH in Stockholm. Previously, the lecture was held by Lars J. Pettersson, a professor of chemical engineering specialising in industrial catalysis and environmental catalysis.

"When Lars retired, Nynas was approached with an enquiry whether we could continue the presentation in his stead," says Thomas Fox, Senior Staff Engineer.

Together with refinery manager Peter Eriksson and Jacob Venuti Björkman, Specialist in Process Technology, Thomas started thinking about how to structure a future presentation for the chemical engineering students.

This resulted in Thomas and Jacob delivering a highly appreciated lecture to the chemistry students a couple of years ago. They held the same presentation last year, and now in 2024, KTH wants them to come back for a third time.

"It's important for Nynas to maintain a close relationship with KTH to both offer services for industrial doctoral candidates and develop collaborations around future research projects," Thomas concludes.

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