Sustainability and Environmental Awareness on the Agenda in Graz

When key OEMs, suppliers, and other leading actors gather to discuss insulation systems in high voltage technology, Nynas is present, showcasing its sustainable high-performance transformer fluids.

Graz, beautifully located south of the Alps by the Mur River, is the second-largest university city in Austria, with around 60,000 students. One of the city's prominent educational institutions is Graz University of Technology. It is also the venue for the symposium "Insulation Systems in High Voltage Technology" held on the 5th and 6th of July.

The event is organized by The Institute of High Voltage Engineering and System Performance in cooperation with VUM Verfahren Umwelt Management GmbH.

In addition to gaining insights into the state of the art regarding insulation systems in high voltage technology, the two-day event provides excellent opportunities for participants to exchange experiences and network with specialists in crucial areas such as insulating systems, analysis, sustainability, and maintenance of transformers.

Nynas is also participating in Graz, led by Professor Thomas Norrby and Dr. Herbert Fruhmann. In addition to taking part in discussions about oil as part of the insulating system, they will present our new sustainability offering.

Specifically, this concerns the bio-based NYTEX® BIO 300X, a 100% renewable product with superior performance, and NYTRO RR 900X, which is a future-oriented, circular product based entirely on used transformer oil.

Furthermore, Dr. Fruhmann will deliver a presentation on the 5th of July at 11:00 under the heading "Sustainability and Environmental Awareness: Designing Modern Transformer Oils” (Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltverträglichkeit: Moderne Öle für Transformatoren).


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